What would you wear to a concert?


i also need an opinion for a alternative rock concert outfit. so i would wear the band tee, dark denim jeans, a red wristband that says “nurse in training but dont ask for help”, and a black bracelet that has a cat biting its tail. also what would you wear?


NEVER WEAR THE BAND TEE TO THE CONCERT! I go to concerts alll the time all u need to do is wear jeans any color preferablly skinny and a tank any tank top or tee shirt the bracletes are fine but just remeber ur gonna be sweating like crazyyy! try wear funky paterns also

hope this helps:]



Well depending on the band your clothes are either going to look gay or if it is like Fall Out Boy you’ll fit right in.


not a skirt, since there’s always a chance you might be sitting on someone’s shoulders :] so def. jeans


Clothes. Preferably pertaining partly to point out you prefer that posse.


OMG i love alternative rock whats ur band name and wear a military jacket with stuff written on it.


jeans, tshirt of the band playing, and my Doc Martens.


i just wear whatever; stuff you’d wear to chill with you buddies on the town. i tend to dress down to go to shows, especially when i know i’m going to end up in the mosh pit.

don’t ever sport the band shirt, actually, i never wear band shirts of any sort to concerts unless i’m on stage, playing. i plug my friends’ band and wear one of theirs and only theirs.

if i’m going to listen, i might just pull out some random funky/nice clothes — then i avoid the mosh pit.

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